Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lying to Achieve Goals

The supervisor from hell approached me two weeks ago about a medication error from eight months ago.  It was not tragic- ibuprofen given a day after the order finished.  It also wasn't my error.  She tried attributing the error to me:  "Clearly, this other nurse was helping you, so you are responsible for this error.  Consider this your formal counseling."

Fast forward to the present.  Hellish supervisor again approached me with the same error.  "If the state saw this, the hospital would be closed down immediately.  I am trying to protect this hospital as well as your nursing license.  The record must be rewritten.  Because it is your error, it is your responsibility to track down everyone else who signed on this page and have them rewrite their entries and signatures."

I told her that due to the grave nature of this situation, I would be seeking guidance from the pharmacist as well as the union.  Supervisor replied, "You can't show this to anyone!  Medical records are confidential.  If you tell anyone, I will have no choice but to report you to the nursing board for breaching patient confidentiality."

I am not sure how to handle this.  I want to crucify her for this, but it always blows up- in my face.  We don't re-write medical records.  If the error were that serious, they could have the nurse who gave the ibuprofen cross it off and write "error."  The chart itself should not be a target for state review- the patient arrived, was stabilized, and was discharged.  No complications or incidents.  The state tends to go after charts of patients who are very complicated and had major problems during hospitalization.

Supervisor put nothing in writing.  This is going to be a problem for me if I challenge her because she will deny telling me to rewrite a medical record.  She handles my annual review, which is past due.  She can reference this medication error and then misplace the supporting evidence.  She'll bring in false witnesses to testify that they were present when I was repeatedly counseled on my errors and that I refused to accept guidance.

Serious errors are made daily by her Favorite Children- about which, she does nothing.  And yes- I am copying all of them and keeping them in a safe place.  I can't charge her with failing to go after other people who make mistakes if I can't prove the mistakes and her lack of prosecution.

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