Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not my job

I spend a little time in my new position, scheduling appointments, but then am yanked to a desperate ward to work as a floor nurse.  The ward physically located nearest the office is the ward from hell.  I am usually pulled there.

Radiology is in a room next to the scheduling office.  This is the layout of the hospital and does not indicate that I have anything to do with them, which I do not.  The techs cannot go onto the wards after recent violent incidents.  An orderly must bring the patient to radiology.  The ward from hell has the most patients for radiology, mostly facial and hand xrays because of all the fighting.

One morning, the tech asked me to contact the ward from hell because she was getting gruff for not getting the patients processed- but the ward will not answer their phones.  I called.  No answer on any line.  So I walked over there.  The clerk was sitting next to the ringing phone, eating a doughnut and reading the Bible.  I glared at her and kept walking.  I found a nurse.  "I only do medication," she said as she dismissed me.  I found the charge nurse.  She was so involved in a heated argument with an orderly that neither noticed my presence or attempted verbal interruptions.  I called out for the patient.  An orderly appeared and said, "You just come here and don't even say, 'hi.'  I want to tell you all about my vacation.  You didn't even ask me how it was."

They are absolutely ridiculous.  "Listen," I said, "John Smith needs to go over to radiology."

"Who is that?" the orderly asked.

"It's one of your patients," I answered, and turned to walk away.

The clerk jumped up to stop me, not because she is interested in providing patient care, but because she is suspicious of me.  "I heard you say that the patient needs radio.  Where is the paper?"

"I have no idea where you keep the requisitions for radiographs.  As a courtesy to the tech, I came over here to let you know that they are waiting for your patient," I said and went to leave.

The arguing nurse became interested and called after me, "Oh no!  You can't just come here and tell me to send a patient over to radiology.  They are supposed to call first."

I turned to her.  "The tech and I called multiple times.  Nobody answered.  As I courtesy, I stopped my work to come over here to let you know that radiology is waiting on your patient."

"Nobody answered all those calls?  I don't believe it," the nurse argued.

"Believe it!" I snapped back.  "You won't get any work out of this clerk," I hollered as I pointed at the clerk, who was still standing there, trying to take in my existence.

I left the ward and told radiology that the patient was not likely to be sent.

How am I supposed to handle future requests from people that I physically walk over to the ward from hell to induce them to cooperate?

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