Sunday, July 13, 2014

Two minutes, two days

I'm working irregularly in the scheduling office, most unfortunately.  It was to be my lifesaver in this snake pit.  Every day I am pulled to work a ward.

Anyway, reports are required of the office about requested appointments, patients seen by which doctor, and speed of tests administered versus when requested, and so on.  The nurse who has been running things keeps daily track of these events on a spreadsheet.  The first entry is from January and as we are halfway through the year, the accumulation is rather long.  She has to submit a weekly list of the desired events to the Powers That Be.  She asked me to work on it.

The steps:  Select past week.  Copy.  Paste into new document.  Done.

She was shocked.  How had she been doing it?  Over a two day period, she would print out the entire document from the beginning of the year to present, because she does not know how to select a specific area to print.  Because she does not know how to change the paper orientation from portrait to landscape, the columns run onto a different page.  She spends considerable time matching up the unlabeled end columns with the beginning columns on different pages.  Once she has identified the week of interest, she then sits at the computer and retypes the entries for that week- using her two index fingers because she does not know how to type.


How does nobody realize that half of her work hours are spent on needless tasks directly stemming from her lack of knowledge about computers?

She's a very nice lady and she is great with the patients.  It's just that this hospital could be so much more efficient if the people who could not use computers were replaced by people who can use computers.

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