Friday, August 1, 2014

Communication Problems

As promised, Nurse Fortune has filed official complaints with the union against the hospital and me because she did not get the in-house transfers that she applied for.  I have been advised that my transfer is "on hold."  The ward continues with nobody officially in charge.

Working with Fortune is a nightmare.  She arrives late and begins her day-long rant about how I don't have everything done and how I'm mishandling everything.  Her sparse work output is now reduced to writing some of the shift report.  Whatever is missing is my omission, not hers, as far as she is concerned.  She hides in a back office on her phone for the entire shift, except when she is missing from the ward completely.

I'm trying to enforce boundaries.  Because her only work is the shift report, I don't touch it.  I give all medications and only document on medication-related issues.  Shift notes fall on her, and if she doesn't do them, oh well.  If she needs vitals for a note, she can get them herself, which she won't do because she won't touch a patient, so how she comes up with the numbers is not my concern.

A patient's brother arrived to take him out.  A pass can range from a few hours to a few days.  The psychiatrist designates the time period in an order.  This patient had a weekend pass, meaning he could stay out overnight Saturday but had to return Sunday.  Nurse Fortune was hiding when the pass needed to be written, so I wrote it and documented in the chart.  When I saw her again, I told her that I sent the patient on a weekend pass.

The next day, one of Nurse Fortune's buddies was the supervisor.  On the shift report, Fortune had written the pass as four hours instead of overnight.  In a back room, where Fortune was spending the shift, supervisor was blaming me for the error on not only the ward's shift report, but her supervisor report as well.  I grabbed the chart and pointed to my nurse's note, which correctly described the pass as overnight.

Supervisor asked me why I told Fortune the pass was for four hours.  I denied telling her that and added that anyone could find out the length of the pass by reading the doctor's order, which is better than listening to what anyone tells you.

"Fortune is very busy," the supervisor explained.  "You could help her out by doing a little work.  Why should she have to sit and read the whole chart when you knew the answer, but went out of your way to tell her the wrong thing?"

During this exchange, Fortune was scrolling through FaceBook on her phone.  I don't have time to pee, but she can browse FaceBook.

I was pissed.  Fortune does so little at this point and is so nasty towards me.  "You don't have to read the entire chart.  You read the most recent orders, which describe the length of the pass.  That is what I did before I could release the patient.  I specifically told you, Fortune, that this was a weekend pass."

Supervisor remarked, "It seems that the two of you have a communication problem.  After listening to both of you, I am finding that the problem with communication is from you, Enid, because why else would Fortune write the wrong thing, unless you told her the wrong thing."

I walked out.

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