Saturday, August 30, 2014

Going off on a Rant- And not coming back

Strange day.  Nurse Fortune was only a few minutes late and she did work.  She ranted all day long, which is normal, except that the rants centered around "Somebody reported me for being late, taking a two hour lunch, and not doing any work, all of which is untrue."  I think of her as a highly confrontational person, but her behavior on this day was passive-aggressive.

My gut reaction was, "Oh no!  She thinks I reported her."  Then I realized that this is the same behavior she would display with any other nurse, just to let them know her displeasure in her own existence on the planet.

Nurse Fortune has two modes at work, which she hides from nobody:
1-  Ranting
2-  Missing

Nobody has to report her for anything.  She does not hide her lateness or her non-stop griping.  It's not all her fault.  She has gotten away with it for years.

I've been drawing boundaries with her.  She has her work and I have mine.  Unless there is a catastrophe, I don't do her work.  She has NEVER helped me.  After her two hour argument with the night nurse the other day, I gleefully vacated the ward at the end of the shift, leaving her to continue carrying on, "I have all of this work that's not done and the other nurse just leaves me."

She was quick to draw boundaries when a patient asked her about a medication.  "That's NOT MY JOB," she snapped at the patient.  "You are supposed to ask HER.  I don't know why she would not provide you with the education you requested, as if I am supposed to DO HER JOB FOR HER.  Well, she has something else coming if she thinks that I am here to serve HER.  Just wait.  Wait until she finds out that I DON'T PLAY. . ."  The patient wandered off with a bewildered look on his face.

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