Saturday, August 9, 2014

Psychopath Spotter

Got them beat by miles.

I'm not just talking about the hospital.  One great thing about my job (there are some!) is that I can easily recognize psychopaths in the general population.  (Or do I just think they are everywhere?)

I was chatting with a friend after gym class.  I noticed a man cut through the parking lot, smoking.  Just a weird angle to walk, plus he walked right through some bushes.  Didn't seem to notice them.  Most people would step over them or around them.  He entered a store.  A few minutes later, we heard roaring.  He kept kicking a garbage can.  Finally he walked onward.

As soon as I saw him walking and the way he processed his surroundings, I knew he was troubled.  There was nothing that could have happened inside the store in a few minutes that would have merited such a loud, violent response.  He showed no regard for his own safety in repeatedly kicking the trash can.

Another skill to add to my resume.  Psychopath spotter.

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