Monday, August 11, 2014

Shrinking Offensiveness

Is "Shrink" an offensive term?

For the authors of the blog and the book Shrink Rap, they may be thinking:  Now you tell me?  I'm diagnosing you already.

Being offended is worn as a badge of honor, which should not be.  If someone claims that they are offended, this means that they could not regulate their emotions and want you to do it for them.  There is also an air of seeking control and manipulating others.

I actually have not heard the word in quite some time.  I hear people refer to a psychiatrist as a:
social worker,
and head doctor.
The first three are a misunderstanding of the profession, while the last one, head doctor, is descriptive.

To me, Shrink has a bit of a negative tone that applies to the unfortunate situation that necessitated a person to see a psychiatrist.  It's a slang term, not for formal speaking or writing.  "I have an appointment with my Shrink," means that the patient is in the unenviable position of needing a psychiatrist, while the psychiatrist is attempting unsuccessfully to fix the person and the unhappy circumstance.

Psychiatrists can take ownership of Shrink to make it a positive name.  Shrink Rap is a whimsical title for writing that is creative, not clinical.  A university course would not be titled Shrink 101, but tales of a psychiatrist could use Shrink.

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