Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tight Schedule

Whenever I ask an orderly to do something, the refusal follows one of several common patterns.  In this post, we'll review the I Can't Do That Because In The Future I Have To . . .

Unless the next activity is a break, the activity is never performed.

For example, I asked an orderly to drop off a patient.  His response:  "I cannot, because in ten minutes, I will be going on my lunch."  Me:  "Perfect.  You'll be back in plenty of time."  Him:  "No, I do not think so.  I will go on my lunch now so I am not late to the lunch."

I asked another orderly to pick up a patient.  Her response:  "You know I would, but in fifteen minutes, I have to give the patients snacks."  Me:  "You can pick up the patient and still have spare time."  Her:  "No, I better not, in case I am late.  The patients would not like that."  Fast forward fifteen minutes and the orderly is in the back, on her phone, where she sat for the rest of her shift, never doing anything for a patient.

People telling me to "write them up" are not helpful.  Been there, done that.  Nothing happens to them.  Instead, I waste my time writing and then waste more time having a supervisor explain that I am the reason why nobody feels comfortable performing any work and that I am picking on every little thing.

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