Saturday, August 30, 2014

Twist (or Narrowing) of Fate

Here's some poetic justice for you.

A nurse dropped off a drug information printout on a new drug for BPH, benign prostatic hypertrophy.  I was not surprised, as a urologist had just been through the ward.  What surprised me was the name of the intended recipient- an orderly.  He was on [indefinite] break.  I said I would meet with the patient and document the education, if I could just have the patient's name.  The nurse said that the person who wanted the information was the orderly because his doctor had just prescribed the pill for difficulty urinating and difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection.  She thanked me for passing on the information and briefing him on the drug.

Music to my ears.

This was the same orderly who asked me to bear his baby- and that was at least three babies ago.  Now he was having trouble in the baby making department.  Good.

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