Tuesday, August 5, 2014

When you weren't looking

A patient was experiencing a violent manic episode, so he was placed on special observation, meaning that a staff member is assigned to watch him, and only him, at all times.

On this particular morning, the staff member who was supposed to be watching the patient started frantically calling for help from the hallway.  I arrived to find staff trying to open the shower room door with a handle that was mostly disengaged from the door.  "He is trapped inside!" the man screamed.

I went to the door and yelled for the patient to push from the other side.  No response.  This was not good.  The patient could get into trouble quickly.

I called the maintenance department.  Paged them overhead repeatedly.  Finally several large men arrived with various tools and began to dissemble the door.  The drills and hammering continued for about 15 minutes when I noticed the "trapped" patient ambling through the dining room, bumping into chairs.  I turned to the staff member and asked him how the patient was in the dining room when he was supposedly trapped in the shower room.  His reply, "This I do not know."

Another twenty minutes later, the door was removed from the frame to reveal an empty room.

This man pays more attention to his phone than to the patients.  He has no work ethic and is protected by his family in administration.

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