Friday, September 26, 2014

Nobody said this was Fair

A representative from the nurses' union called me.

I no longer bother with the union because I find them ineffective.  Plus, they are supporting Nurse Fortune's thwarting of my in-house transfer.

I need to leave this place of employment as quickly as possible.  I've known that for quite some time.  I just can't find work anywhere else.

Union rep wanted me to grieve the transfer taken from me.  She confirmed that administration initially rescinded my transfer based on Nurse Fortune's complaint about the position not going to her.  Union rep said that the hospital dismissed Fortune's original complaint, and now she is in some kind of arbitration or mediation process, which could take over a year.  The hospital was going to wait for the outcome of that process before deciding to put me back into the new job, but Nurse Fortune declared that she would sue the hospital if I was given back the new job, regardless of the mediation.  So the hospital's legal counsel is involved now and said that the safest thing to do would be to not transfer me anywhere because it would prompt Nurse Fortune to sue.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I threatened to sue for having my new position taken away, the hospital would not only not give me the job, they would fire me.

I asked why administration was allowing Nurse Fortune to hold the hospital hostage to her jealousy.  The union rep said that Nurse Fortune is mean, nasty, vindictive, lazy, and should have been fired a long time ago.  The hospital thinks that firing her at this point would look like she was fired for protesting not getting the jobs she applied for, so they are going to hang onto her.

I said I wasn't interested in her opinion.  I can only look at acts, and in this situation, the union is supporting Nurse Fortune in blocking me from my new job.  I have been chastised and even given a poor evaluation for not pleasing Nurse Fortune.  Fortune's work performance is despicable, yet she is not written up or fired for it.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Paranoid or Manipulative?

Nurse Fortune's rants and accusations continue.  They center around my "stealing" a job that she wanted, and that I report her for being late and not doing any work.

My question:  Is this paranoia?

On its face, it seems paranoid- people are out to get her.  But her claims are not reality-based:  if I reported her for so many atrocities, why is she still employed?  As for the jobs that were "stolen" from her, they remain unfilled.  Administration revoked the transfers for the other nurse and me.  Her claims, therefore, are more of a hostile sabotage of my standing in the workplace.  They may have a paranoid angle, but I think her claims of my being out to get her are purposeful lies promulgated to make others angry with me and to make me quit.

A few in-house transfers were posted recently.  I thought to myself:  Maybe Nurse Fortune can apply for these too, and then go berserk on the people who are hired.  Then the hospital can cancel those transfers as well because Nurse Fortune is displeased again.

I spoke to a supervisor about transferring to another ward.  "That's just how Nurse Fortune is," was her reply.  "Plus, nobody else will work with her."  Why the hell am I the sacrificial lamb?  Fire her.

One of the social workers called it a "toxic environment."  She told me to put in for a transfer in writing.

The problem with putting in for a transfer to another ward is that it will make things worse.  First, the request will not be granted.  Second, the matter will not be addressed in a timely and professional fashion.  Third, my request to transfer will immediately get back to Nurse Fortune, who will add it to her list of complaints about me in her shift-long rants.  I will still be stuck on the ward with Nurse Fortune while she undermines me further by pointing out, "You don't even want to be on this ward.  You asked for a transfer."  Just when the issue of the transfer request is dying down, the Director of Nursing will revive it by saying to me, in front of Nurse Fortune, "Oh yeah, by the way, I meant to tell you, your request that you put in several months ago, you know, to move off this ward, that is denied.  I understand that you have a problem with Nurse Fortune, but you will just have to learn how to get along with her."

Annual Popularity Review

I received my annual popularity work review from an evil supervisor.  No surprises.

Every other word was misspelled.  The grammar was atrocious.  The math was wrong with both the tallying of the earned points as well as the division to arrive at the average score.

I received the lowest ratings on leadership, ability to get along with others, and team work.  This is laughable.  Nobody on my ward gets along with anybody else.  They do little to no work, argue about it, and then disappear.  I get more help from the patients than the staff.

(The plus side of everyone hating everyone else:  No rumors get spread.  Really.  When a bunch of people do not speak to one another, they can't spread the rumors they heard.  I am blissfully isolated from hearing rumors.)

The summary paragraph is defamatory:
"Nurse will learn to get along with others so that she stops jeopardizing patient safety."

It sounds as if I arrive on the ward attacking the staff and the patients are caught in the middle.

This is like blackmail.  Morph into something that the supervisor wants (which is impossible because I will always be white) and she will stop writing that I jeopardize patients.

When did I jeopardize patients?  Never.  Where are the previous write-ups about jeopardizing patient safety?  The supervisor is so concerned about patient safety that she saves her concern for my annual review and does not address the situations as they happen.

The two primary nurses I work with (Helen and Fortune) won't go near a patient.  If a physical assessment is needed, they wait for me.  They have never taken a blood pressure on a patient.  They won't come out from behind the nursing station because a patient might attack them.  If a doctor orders an injection STAT, and I am on break, they hold the order until I return.  And I'm the one who jeopardizes patient safety?

The jerky nurses and orderlies who are assigned to the ward do not like me.  They are openly hostile to me.  They don't want to get along with me.  They want me gone.  This entire scenario will not resolve by an action on my part.  The ward needs to be broken up and people fired.

I am so sick of hearing that other people's lack of work and disdain for me is fixable only by me.  Nevermind that the staff does not get along with anyone else, not even themselves.  Nurses and orderlies hate floating to my ward.  Doctors come to me, looking for patients, because the other nurses don't know any of the patients and the orderlies either ignore the doctor or shrug, "I don't know that patient."

I'm not signing any part of the review.  I will try what the clerk did with her bad review.  I will accuse the supervisor of all kinds of discrimination.  I will insist that the goals are impossible to attain because of rules that she herself set up.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sick Day

I called in sick to avoid Nurse Fortune.

I feel nauseated just thinking of her and her non-stop tirades about stealing her job.

Another nurse gave me this plan.  He has just about depleted all of his paid time off, including sick time, in order to avoid working with certain nurses who land him in trouble every time.  He said that he sometimes gets a written warning about abusing sick time, but it is nothing compared to the problems he is blamed for when he works with certain nurses.

He received his annual review, predictably receiving the lowest scores possible on the subjective areas:

  • Gets along with others
  • Works as a member of the team
  • Demonstrates leadership

Even if he had perfect attendance, the scoring of the annual review would still be so low that he would not qualify for a raise.  I have not received my annual review yet.  I predict poor scores for myself as well.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rules of Overtime

I was scheduled to work overtime for the weekend.  One of Fortune's buddies in the office cancelled me.  Fortune told me that she bumped me from the schedule "because that is how seniority works.  Did you consider that when you stole my promotion?"

I have never seen or heard of Fortune working overtime.  Plus, her inability to work weekends was her main qualification for the office position that I "stole from her."

Predictably, I was called to cover when Fortune called out.  I said no.

You might think that Fortune's reckless record of attendance will catch up with her.  But that is not how things work at this hospital.

Instead, an evil supervisor left a message on my phone:  "Nurse Enid, I do not understand something.  You were down for overtime this weekend because this is something you wanted.  Now that you have been called to come in, you do not pick up your phone.  We thought you were interested in helping us out when we need you.  You were the one who requested the overtime shifts from us.  In the future, we will not be able to rely upon you to come in if this is what you do when we give you overtime."

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wishful Thinking

I wished that Nurse Fortune would go away.  It worked!

But only for three days.

She returned to work, late of course.  She laughed and laughed for the first hour, and then reverted to her prior behavior of loud ranting while accomplishing nothing.

"I don't do any work?  You go and report me for not doing anything.  Then how does the work get done if I don't do it?  Does this make any sense to you?  What am I doing now?  Working.  That's right.  I AM WORKING.  Do you consider any of that when you run to the supervisor and tell her that I have done nothing?  That I am late all the time?  That I disappear from the floor for hours at a time?  None of this is true.  You don't mention to the supervisor that you are lying.  You act like it's the truth when you tell her that I take a two hour lunch.  Well, it's not.  Sometimes I fall asleep and don't make it back to the floor on time, but that is not part of my break.  That is called, 'Being a mother.'  You should try it sometime.  Then you would understand why sometimes I am tired.  I work around the clock.  When you are done with work, you are done.  That's it.  After I leave here, long after my shift has ended, mind you, I still have to work because I am a mother.  It never ends."

Patients watch her and make comments such as, "I got locked up for talking to myself, but look at her.  She's worse, but they let her leave."

It is extremely difficult for me to work with this woman present.

Fortune also ranted about the unfairness of our health insurance premiums.  "Why is it that I have to pay more for my family plan than people who only have themselves on the plan?  That is discriminatory against people for bearing children and wanting those children to have access to medical care."  She demanded to know what I do "with all that extra cash you steal out of my child's mouth."

Right before leaving for lunch, Nurse Fortune's rant turned to not getting a lunch.  "I can't even take a lunch break because of that baby.  As soon as I leave, she's going to run to the supervisor and tell them that I've been gone for three hours.  Does anyone even look at these cameras?  When have I ever been gone for three hours.  Now I have to starve and feel weak and maybe even faint to satisfy that crazy woman."  Fortune then left for her break.

An hour and a half later, at change of shift, she appeared.  She told the incoming nurses, "I was not ALLOWED to have a break all shift because of HER."  One of the evening nurses asked where she was, as she had just come onto the ward.  Fortune said, "I just told you.  I was not PERMITTED to have a break and they better do something with this woman because I cannot work in this environment."

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Victim

I caught Nurse Fortune talking about me!

I know she does it.  What she says within my earshot is bad, so I figured what she said behind my back was worse.  Part of me said to not bother with her, while the other part said, "This is going to be good."

So I put my ear next to the door of the break room and listened.

Nurse Fortune was telling two orderlies about her feelings towards me.  "She took my job.  It was a slap in the face.  Who the hell does she think she is, marching in here, not even been here more than a few years, taking a job from someone who is HER SENIOR.  She thinks she is so wonderful, stealing something from someone with a child to support.  Well, she has something coming to her.  When I'm slapped, I just don't fall down.  I slap back.  She thinks she won because the hospital dismissed my complaint.  Well, guess what.  I'm taking it to the next level, where she will learn what it feels like to be slapped in the face."

Her thinking is highly warped.  I applied for an in-house transfer, one of several, and got it.  It was then taken from me because Nurse Fortune was "upset" that she did not get any of the in-house transfers that she applied for.  It is so difficult working a ward with her.  Sure, the hospital denied her the new job when they appointed other nurses, but the hospital also gave into her demands by revoking the positions.  Why not give her all the positions she applied for and then let her abdicate all but one, and then fire her lazy, vindictive ass?  Don't tell me it's too much work to fire someone.  It's a lot of work to keep this volatile nurse hired.

Eventually one of the orderlies opened the door.  I walked in.  Nurse Fortune was startled, but quickly composed herself.  I looked at her, but she would not make eye contact with me.

I wish I could work this angle better.  I have done nothing on purpose to annoy Nurse Fortune; rather, I walk on eggshells around her.  Still she is incensed by my mere presence.  How can I push her over the edge?  Just a little nudge from my end should do it.