Sunday, September 21, 2014

Annual Popularity Review

I received my annual popularity work review from an evil supervisor.  No surprises.

Every other word was misspelled.  The grammar was atrocious.  The math was wrong with both the tallying of the earned points as well as the division to arrive at the average score.

I received the lowest ratings on leadership, ability to get along with others, and team work.  This is laughable.  Nobody on my ward gets along with anybody else.  They do little to no work, argue about it, and then disappear.  I get more help from the patients than the staff.

(The plus side of everyone hating everyone else:  No rumors get spread.  Really.  When a bunch of people do not speak to one another, they can't spread the rumors they heard.  I am blissfully isolated from hearing rumors.)

The summary paragraph is defamatory:
"Nurse will learn to get along with others so that she stops jeopardizing patient safety."

It sounds as if I arrive on the ward attacking the staff and the patients are caught in the middle.

This is like blackmail.  Morph into something that the supervisor wants (which is impossible because I will always be white) and she will stop writing that I jeopardize patients.

When did I jeopardize patients?  Never.  Where are the previous write-ups about jeopardizing patient safety?  The supervisor is so concerned about patient safety that she saves her concern for my annual review and does not address the situations as they happen.

The two primary nurses I work with (Helen and Fortune) won't go near a patient.  If a physical assessment is needed, they wait for me.  They have never taken a blood pressure on a patient.  They won't come out from behind the nursing station because a patient might attack them.  If a doctor orders an injection STAT, and I am on break, they hold the order until I return.  And I'm the one who jeopardizes patient safety?

The jerky nurses and orderlies who are assigned to the ward do not like me.  They are openly hostile to me.  They don't want to get along with me.  They want me gone.  This entire scenario will not resolve by an action on my part.  The ward needs to be broken up and people fired.

I am so sick of hearing that other people's lack of work and disdain for me is fixable only by me.  Nevermind that the staff does not get along with anyone else, not even themselves.  Nurses and orderlies hate floating to my ward.  Doctors come to me, looking for patients, because the other nurses don't know any of the patients and the orderlies either ignore the doctor or shrug, "I don't know that patient."

I'm not signing any part of the review.  I will try what the clerk did with her bad review.  I will accuse the supervisor of all kinds of discrimination.  I will insist that the goals are impossible to attain because of rules that she herself set up.

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