Sunday, September 21, 2014

Paranoid or Manipulative?

Nurse Fortune's rants and accusations continue.  They center around my "stealing" a job that she wanted, and that I report her for being late and not doing any work.

My question:  Is this paranoia?

On its face, it seems paranoid- people are out to get her.  But her claims are not reality-based:  if I reported her for so many atrocities, why is she still employed?  As for the jobs that were "stolen" from her, they remain unfilled.  Administration revoked the transfers for the other nurse and me.  Her claims, therefore, are more of a hostile sabotage of my standing in the workplace.  They may have a paranoid angle, but I think her claims of my being out to get her are purposeful lies promulgated to make others angry with me and to make me quit.

A few in-house transfers were posted recently.  I thought to myself:  Maybe Nurse Fortune can apply for these too, and then go berserk on the people who are hired.  Then the hospital can cancel those transfers as well because Nurse Fortune is displeased again.

I spoke to a supervisor about transferring to another ward.  "That's just how Nurse Fortune is," was her reply.  "Plus, nobody else will work with her."  Why the hell am I the sacrificial lamb?  Fire her.

One of the social workers called it a "toxic environment."  She told me to put in for a transfer in writing.

The problem with putting in for a transfer to another ward is that it will make things worse.  First, the request will not be granted.  Second, the matter will not be addressed in a timely and professional fashion.  Third, my request to transfer will immediately get back to Nurse Fortune, who will add it to her list of complaints about me in her shift-long rants.  I will still be stuck on the ward with Nurse Fortune while she undermines me further by pointing out, "You don't even want to be on this ward.  You asked for a transfer."  Just when the issue of the transfer request is dying down, the Director of Nursing will revive it by saying to me, in front of Nurse Fortune, "Oh yeah, by the way, I meant to tell you, your request that you put in several months ago, you know, to move off this ward, that is denied.  I understand that you have a problem with Nurse Fortune, but you will just have to learn how to get along with her."

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