Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rules of Overtime

I was scheduled to work overtime for the weekend.  One of Fortune's buddies in the office cancelled me.  Fortune told me that she bumped me from the schedule "because that is how seniority works.  Did you consider that when you stole my promotion?"

I have never seen or heard of Fortune working overtime.  Plus, her inability to work weekends was her main qualification for the office position that I "stole from her."

Predictably, I was called to cover when Fortune called out.  I said no.

You might think that Fortune's reckless record of attendance will catch up with her.  But that is not how things work at this hospital.

Instead, an evil supervisor left a message on my phone:  "Nurse Enid, I do not understand something.  You were down for overtime this weekend because this is something you wanted.  Now that you have been called to come in, you do not pick up your phone.  We thought you were interested in helping us out when we need you.  You were the one who requested the overtime shifts from us.  In the future, we will not be able to rely upon you to come in if this is what you do when we give you overtime."

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