Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wishful Thinking

I wished that Nurse Fortune would go away.  It worked!

But only for three days.

She returned to work, late of course.  She laughed and laughed for the first hour, and then reverted to her prior behavior of loud ranting while accomplishing nothing.

"I don't do any work?  You go and report me for not doing anything.  Then how does the work get done if I don't do it?  Does this make any sense to you?  What am I doing now?  Working.  That's right.  I AM WORKING.  Do you consider any of that when you run to the supervisor and tell her that I have done nothing?  That I am late all the time?  That I disappear from the floor for hours at a time?  None of this is true.  You don't mention to the supervisor that you are lying.  You act like it's the truth when you tell her that I take a two hour lunch.  Well, it's not.  Sometimes I fall asleep and don't make it back to the floor on time, but that is not part of my break.  That is called, 'Being a mother.'  You should try it sometime.  Then you would understand why sometimes I am tired.  I work around the clock.  When you are done with work, you are done.  That's it.  After I leave here, long after my shift has ended, mind you, I still have to work because I am a mother.  It never ends."

Patients watch her and make comments such as, "I got locked up for talking to myself, but look at her.  She's worse, but they let her leave."

It is extremely difficult for me to work with this woman present.

Fortune also ranted about the unfairness of our health insurance premiums.  "Why is it that I have to pay more for my family plan than people who only have themselves on the plan?  That is discriminatory against people for bearing children and wanting those children to have access to medical care."  She demanded to know what I do "with all that extra cash you steal out of my child's mouth."

Right before leaving for lunch, Nurse Fortune's rant turned to not getting a lunch.  "I can't even take a lunch break because of that baby.  As soon as I leave, she's going to run to the supervisor and tell them that I've been gone for three hours.  Does anyone even look at these cameras?  When have I ever been gone for three hours.  Now I have to starve and feel weak and maybe even faint to satisfy that crazy woman."  Fortune then left for her break.

An hour and a half later, at change of shift, she appeared.  She told the incoming nurses, "I was not ALLOWED to have a break all shift because of HER."  One of the evening nurses asked where she was, as she had just come onto the ward.  Fortune said, "I just told you.  I was not PERMITTED to have a break and they better do something with this woman because I cannot work in this environment."

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