Wednesday, October 22, 2014


About two years ago, when management started forcing people to use the computer to type certain documents, word quickly circulated to type with CAPS LOCK so you don't further struggle when you want to capitalize.

Not that most employees are familiar with when to capitalize a word.

Their explanation on why they were using caps lock was so idiotic that I couldn't even speak to them about it.

A nursing manager thought this was a good opportunity to show people not only how smart she is, but how much she wants to teach people to be better.  She brought in evidence that typing in all caps is like yelling at someone in type.

Nobody understood the analogy between typing and yelling.  After all, nobody was saying anything out loud, and they were being forced to typed.

Other managers seized the opportunity to appear more current on workplace standards.  They, too, demanded that anything typed on the computer not be in caps.

So how were people supposed to make a capital letter?  Not shift+the letter.  They press caps lock, then the letter, then caps lock again.  They type with one finger, so they can't press two keys at once.

I maintain my composure most days.  You are amazed, yes?

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