Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ignore Energy Drainers

I am at a point where I ignore most of my coworkers.  Thankfully, most reciprocate and don't approach me.

Nurse Fortune carried on all shift about me, how I was spying on her and out to get her.  We did not speak to each other once.  She screamed at the supervisor all morning for not supplying her with enough staff.  "You are doing this on purpose so you can say that I am incompetent and should not have the job that is mine.  Well, it's not going to work.  This is all YOUR fault.  I will write a letter about it."

There is no point in speaking to my coworkers.  First, they twist anything I say into a big mess.  Second, they have no useful and accurate information to provide.  If I asked an orderly if he brought a patient to an appointment, the orderly would answer, "That is my break time.  I am not the one who was in charge of the trip.  How can I do all of this that you have given me.  You forget, I had to bring the juice up from the kitchen all by myself yesterday."  It's a waste of my energy.

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