Sunday, October 19, 2014

Keep Applying?

One of the nurses at the hospital calls out sick to work at her per diem job in a nursing home.  At this point, she has run out of paid time off, but takes home more from the per diem job than from this hospital, so she says it's worth it.  The hospital does not seem to mind that she takes unpaid days.

She told me to do the same.

I told her I was having trouble finding work anywhere else.  "Trouble" is really an understatement.  "Snowball's chance in Hell" may be more accurate to describe my situation.

I would rather fold towels in a department store than work as a nurse.  It's just that nursing pays more, if only I could find a part-time nursing gig.  It's not that I want more work.  I need more money.

She said she got a new per diem position at a nearby nursing home.  I have applied there a few times over the years.  They never hired me.  It's a low-end kind of place.  I remember the patient load as heavy and the pay low.

She said that the nursing home "expanded" by building a brand-new building next to the existing disgusting nursing home building and branding the new place some kind of rehabilitation spa.  She said they are looking for good nurses for the better building.

I can envision the scenario:
Promise patients and their families the world, and then shift that burden onto one nurse, who is also supposed to be providing the world to her other 74 patients.  With three nursing assistants to "help" the nurse with 75 patients.

I applied online.  I also applied to another nursing home chain that would never hire me in the past.

I know I need to do something else.  In the meantime, I have bills to pay.  Is it crazy to keep applying to places that would not hire me in the past?  New people are in charge of hiring.  Nobody stays.  They may hire me while the past hiring managers didn't want me.

If I could work someplace else per diem, I would not have to worry about snagging overtime at the hospital, where I am usually paired with employees from Hell.

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