Monday, October 13, 2014

Where do you come up with this?

Nurse Fortune went into one of her rants.  This type of rant can be characterized as Jealous:  Nurse Enid has ___ [fill in blank] better than I do, which proves she receives undeserved favorable treatment.  Logic and facts are irrelevant.

Today's topic was the cost of health insurance.  Although she does not know what coverage I have and how much I pay, her rant was:

"I pay over $200 every paycheck for health insurance.  It never used to be that high.  Then, as soon as Nurse Enid started working here, my premium more than doubled.  Doubled.  Why?  Because she wanted to only pay a little for the same coverage I have.  So they let her pay what, $50 a paycheck, and then passed the additional charges on to me?  This is wrong.  This is so wrong, as soon as they come down on that little bitch, I'm going to get what's mine."

This is pure illogical nonsense.  But the point is that she is after me and blames me for her problems, real and imagined.

Another employee joined in, explaining that her car insurance doubled when I started working here.  She makes Nurse Fortune's argument seem a little more logical in that the health insurance cost is at least associated with the workplace.

The employee explained (and this is priceless!):

"My car insurance is so high now because I live in a bad neighborhood, the insurance company told me.  That is just another word for 'black.'  I have to pay so much more so that Certain Others pay close to nothing.  My brother got arrested because he was smoking marijuana in his car.  That's not even illegal, okay?  White people do it all the time and nothing happens to them.  Just to be on the safe side, I stopped smoking weed while driving.  When my car insurance renewal came, I checked off that I use my car for work.  The other option was 'for pleasure,' but I no longer smoke weed in the car because of what they did to my brother, so there is no pleasure when I drive to work.  And for that, obeying some made-up law that doesn't even exist, they doubled my car insurance rate."


And this is my fault how?

This is their rationale for taking action against me.  There is no future for me at this hospital.

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