Sunday, November 16, 2014

Can I have Job Security?

My new duties would have frustrated a younger version of myself.  The tasks are mundane and do not even require a nurse.  Basically, I help facilitate the scheduling of certain tests and procedures, either within the hospital campus or at another hospital or healthcare office, if indicated.

Most of the work is not the actual coordination of the event.  It's the re-coordinating of the event because the idiot staff on the wards cannot get their acts together to get the patient off the ward and to the procedure.

I don't understand why you can't keep a patient NPO (fasting) for a procedure and then have an orderly transport the patient to the correct area at the designated time.

But readers of this blog will understand when I write that most of the staff just can't make it happen.

It is challenging to not take the attitudes personally:  "This is the third time you have cancelled with no notice.  The instructions are very clear that the patient must not eat breakfast.  Why do you keep feeding the patient right before the test?"

Other nurses in offices warned me of this.  "You have to babysit them on the wards."  "Document who you told, when you told them, then put it in writing and save a copy.  Otherwise, they will blame you."

I can cross my T's and dot my I's.  But it doesn't matter.  The staff is hell-bent on doing as little as possible, even if that means delaying or preventing patient care.  To keep a patient fasting after midnight, I would literally have to come to the hospital at midnight and stand guard over the patient, then transport the patient myself.  This is way beyond the scope of my job.

I give one written notice of time, date, and prep.  I keep a copy.  The failure rate is about 75%

I figure that these aren't my failures, as I held up my end.  I've worked as a nurse on the ward and was fully capable of maintaining NPO status and telling orderlies to transport patients.  (They usually didn't listen, but this was beyond my control.)  If patients made it to all of these appointments without a problem, then my new position would not be full-time.  It could even be cut, with the ward clerks performing the work.  But thanks to the institution's backwards ways and protection of the incompetent, I should be able to keep this job for the time being.

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