Monday, November 17, 2014

It can be Worse

A nurse recruiter called me!

Don't get too excited.

The position:  7 pm - 7 am in the Psych Emergency Department of an inner city hospital.


That setting brings together the perfect storm of the most violent setting to work in as a nurse:
Inner City

I worked in that area at a nursing home and the staff was more violent than the patients.  I was an outsider.  In the Emergency Department, if my coworkers do not have my back, I am not safe from the volatile patients freshly dragged in off the street, high on drugs, bleeding from physically fighting police, still being checked for needles, knives, and guns.  Where I currently work, the patients are not from the initial wave of street sweeps.  They have been sedated, stripped of weapons, and "stabilized."  (This does not mean, however, that they are not in drug withdrawal.)

I thanked the woman for calling me and mentioned that I had actually put in an application at one of the nursing homes closer to my home that is owned by the same company as the hospital.

"Yes," she replied, "But it says here that you have psych experience, so that is why I am calling you."

Psych Experience may be my ticket, but the only destination has been to Hell.

I tried again.  "I also have nursing home experience, and that is why I applied for weekend supervisor at one of the nursing homes.  I am available on holidays."

"I don't handle nursing home hires," she responded, losing interest.

"Could you tell me who I could talk to about working at one of the nursing homes?" I asked.

"They will call you," she responded curtly and hung up.

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