Sunday, December 14, 2014

Care Shift by Shift

One of the patients needed a procedure that required fasting overnight.  The facility wanted to know if he was diabetic.  I have worked on the ward with the patient, and I thought I recalled that he is diabetic, but I needed to make sure.

I called the ward and spoke to a certain nurse.  She denied that the patient was diabetic.

I mentioned that I thought he got fingersticks a few times daily and standing insulin at bedtime.

The nurse confirmed that he did get fingersticks and insulin.

"So he is diabetic," I tried to confirm, again.

"No, he is not.  The fingersticks and insulin are not given on this shift, so he is not diabetic on this shift."

In the past, I would have launched into an explanation that people are not diabetic only at certain hours, but rather continuously.  This person is too ignorant and indignant to listen, nevermind learn.

This is what I work with.


  1. This is too good- there's no way you could make this stuff up!!

  2. Thank you!
    And this nurse is still employed there.