Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's okay to Retreat

My former ward had a holiday party.  It's a nice event for the patients.  The dietary department caters.  The staff brings in their own dishes as well.  A few staff members invited me to attend.  My contribution was cupcakes, which are an easier desert to serve to a large group of people- no utensils required.

Nurse Fortune was busy grabbing food for herself.  When she reached the cupcakes, glistening with red and green sprinkles, she squealed, "Ooh!  Who brought these?"

Someone nearby answered, "Enid."

"Who is that?" Nurse Fortune queried.

"Her," the person answered, and pointed at me.

Nurse Fortune turned to look.  When she saw me, her face dropped.  She slammed her plate of food onto the table, causing the rolls to bounce off.  She walked off, muttering curses about "that woman."

For those who had not witnessed this event, I pretended like nothing was wrong and then quietly slipped away.

I had no desire to attend this party.  The staff as a whole does not accept me- they never did.  At this point, I am truly an outsider.  I didn't want to fight with Nurse Fortune.  She enjoys fighting; she actually seems energized by it.  In contrast, fighting depletes me.

I returned to my quiet office area.  Much nicer.

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