Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolution

One doctor writes orders with multiple contingencies.  Orders one med, then discontinues it in the same order.  In illegible handwriting.

"If patient goes on grounds pass Saturday, with family, then give Ativan 1 mg oral by mouth before she leaves at 8 a.m.

If patient does not leave, but is agitated, give Haldol 10 mg oral and Benedryl 50 mg oral for one dose.

May have grounds pass Sunday care of -illegible.-

Ativan 2 mg oral now for psychosis.

Discontinue Benedryl.  Benedryl 50 mg oral daily for salivation.

Depakote 500 mg oral twice daily for bipolar.  Depakote 1000 mg oral daily for psychosis.

Discontinue previous not today Benedryl orders.

Patient is not allergic to Prolixin.  Add allergy to Penicillin."

When you seek clarification, she answers, "Why is it that whenever somebody can't read, it's my fault?"

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