Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Not Working on My Day Off

"We were just wondering why you didn't punch in or out last Monday," the clerk in payroll asked me on the phone.

"Because I had a PTO [paid time off] day," I answered.

"But you didn't punch," the clerk persisted.

"Because I wasn't here," I explained, again.

"Did you forget your swipe card, and that's why you didn't punch?" the clerk tried a new angle.

"No, I wasn't here at all.  I was off."

Bear in mind that I had two days off, but she was only focused on one, with no logical explanation.

Later, one of the nurses who works in my area told me that the supervisor asked her if I was here last Monday, to which she told her I was not.

I explained to the nurse that I was off two days, which should not be confusing, but for some reason, they were only concerned with one of the days.

The other nurse said that the supervisor told her, "Watch her.  She didn't punch in or out last Monday.  She may not have even been at work."

What is wrong with these people?

Keep in mind that their Favorite Children walk in, punch their time card, and then walk back out.  Or a designated person punches all of them in.

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