Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nurse by Inheritance

One of the men in housekeeping is rather obnoxious.  He constantly tells me what to do and how to do it, adding in, "I know this because my mother was a nurse," or, "I know it's tough.  My mother was a nurse, but she made sacrifices and got it all done, and that is what you need to be doing."

Basically, everyone is the nurse's boss around here.

I was working with another nurse whose mother is a nurse at this very hospital.  (Nepotism!)  Housekeeper comes by and starts in on our footwear.  "You aren't supposed to wear sneakers.  I know they're more comfortable, but you are supposed to wear special shoes for nurses.  My mom was a nurse, so I know what shoes are allowed, and those are not allowed."

The other nurse whispered to me, "I can't stand this guy."  This made me feel better.  I'm not the only one he picks on.  But I had enough.

"Our mothers were also nurses," I snapped back at him.  "And we still had to go to nursing school and then sit for a licensing exam."  He looked confused.  "So until you actually have the degree and license, don't come to me with that 'My mother was a nurse' routine."

He walked away.  He has not said anything to me since then.

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