Friday, December 19, 2014


One of the doctors is constantly ordering tests and consults for his patients.  For someone who is paranoid, it is very difficult to leave a familiar setting to have a medical procedure done.  So most tests are refused by the patients.

Imaging for one of the patients revealed a possible liver tumor.  Additional testing, including biopsy, was recommended.  Doc wrote the orders, but patient refuses.  She's delusional, convinced that we want to take her organs and sell them.  Administrative people complain about the cost to the hospital, especially when charged for No-Show appointments.  But the doctor's complaints are worse.

Doc keeps coming to me to get the biopsy done.  All I can do is make the arrangements and hope that the patient feels like complying that day.

Another nurse suggested I hold back from arranging expensive tests.  I explained to her that saving money for the hospital is not my goal.  Rather, I need this doctor to stop barging in every day, demanding to know why the biopsy was not yet done.

Although no person is an island, I have to put my needs first, just as everyone else does for themselves in this place.  Quick scheduling is desired by this doctor, so that's what he'll get so he leaves me alone.

It's about framing priorities:
Should I save money for the hospital- money that I'll never see in my paycheck;
or should I provide myself with a calmer work environment?

If the hospital really wanted to save money, I have a list of people who do nothing but collect a paycheck.  Firing them would cut costs and boost morale.

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