Monday, December 15, 2014

Sanctuary for the Otherwise Unemployable

The front entrance to the hospital is staffed by "security guards" who double as greeters.  I've seen this trick at nursing homes, too.  One person does two jobs, but is suited to do neither.

An older man started working at the hospital several months ago.  We exchange a nod or "hello."  Finally I talked with him at length.  Oh my goodness.

He talked about the death of his mother at a hospital and beating up "the doctor who killed her."  Then stalking the doctor for years.  The restraining order to keep him away from the offices and hospitals where he worked.  To circumvent recognition, he would find out where the doctor was giving presentations or lectures, and then show up there to try to "get that bastard."

He stopped because the doctor died of a heart attack.

How do such abnormal, dysfunctional, violent people get jobs here?