Thursday, December 25, 2014

Solving a Problem with Alcohol

People in the office area gave me stuff for Christmas.  I was completely not expecting this.  I was planning on gifting a few good pals- that was it.  I received socks, scarves, Christmas decorations, chocolates, and decorative carry-all bags.

I was at a complete loss as to what I should give in return.  My gifts for everyone ended up being bottles of wine.   I honestly think that some of these people don't drink at all.  Oh well.

A better game plan is needed for next year.  As foreshadowing, several weeks ago I saw a neighbor pull up with bags of shiny boxes.  She called them Christmas gifts for "you know, your hairdresser, the lady who does your waxing, the dogwalker, coworkers- all those people."  I was relieved that I did not have to buy such things because I lacked such people in my life.  I also mentioned my concern about her dog- the unproductive cough could be heart failure.

The neighbor dismissed my caution, saying, "It's a hairball, that's all."

That very night, the neighbor's screams woke me up.  The dog had died.

So around October or November of next year, I am going shopping for shiny stuff for coworkers- just in case.

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