Monday, January 5, 2015

Depraved Part Two

This one takes the cake for two reasons.  First- the original attack.  Second- the follow-up.

One of the orderlies who works nights is younger and accomplishes next to nothing, which seems to be his lifetime goal.  Like many people, he would stare at me when I arrived on the floor, and continue staring while I went about my rounds and checks and other tasks to get started.

One morning, this orderly said to me, in full hearing of the patients who were awake, "You keep ignoring me.  When are we getting together so you can suck my dick, on your knees, like the whore that you are."

I wasn't paying a lot of attention to him and at first thought he was singing the lyrics to a song piping through the bluetooth device that seems permanently attached to his ear.  I looked at him.

"You heard me, bitch.  I see you come in here every morning, walking around like you're too good for me, thinking you're better than me, when I know that all you want is my juicy dick in your mouth."

I was pissed.  "Don't you ever speak to me again!" I screamed at him and walked the other way.

He called after me, loudly.  "That's what everyone says, so don't even try to deny it."

When stuff like this happens, I have nobody to turn to in authority.  The offender will have "evidence" that I have been trying to seduce him for months [as evidenced by ignoring and avoiding him], and he will produce witnesses who will swear that I have been pursuing him.  I told a few nurses who are on my side, but that was the extent I could do.

I avoided doing rounds in a hallway if he was still in the hallway.

He wasn't going to let this go.  He reported to his supervisor at night and my evil supervisor for the day shift that I am very unprofessional to him:  I ignore him, even when he greets me; I ignore him when he comes to me about patient concerns; and I never do rounds at the beginning of my shift.

The nerve.

So I turned it around a bit:  His concerns about the patients are to be addressed to his night nurse, not saved for me.  Nurses receive nurse-to-nurse report, not orderly-to-nurse report.  "Your night nurse is your direct report, not me.  You can't go over her head to me.  You have told me on many occasions that you are not relieved on time by the next shift, but I have no power to enforce when the next orderlies arrive.  I advised you to go to your night nurse and then your night supervisor, and not take your frustration out on me."

I turned to the supervisors.  "Has he raised this issue that he is not relieved on time with you?  It's true that he is still down a hallway at least 20 minutes into the day shift.  This needs to be addressed, but I don't have the authority."

The day shift orderlies were pissed when they heard [from me] that this night shift orderly reported them for being late every day.  He ended up leaving before his shift was over, just to avoid the screaming matches hurled by the day shift.  "We're here!  Happy, brat?  Go.  Why are you still here?  You can leave.  You going to stay and then complain that we weren't here to relieve you?  Well, we're here so you can get the hell out.  It's our floor now."

Whenever he sees me, he glares at me, with hatred in his eyes.

Seriously?  This is my job?  Even though I'm working in an office now, I still have to dodge assholes who are irate because I wouldn't perform sex acts for them as they ordered me to.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Depraved Part One

I worked the floor for the New Year's Holiday because they were so short they were willing to accept horrible me.  I could use the overtime pay.

The later shifts contains a whole other batch of weirdos and nasty people.  We'll discuss one of the orderlies who has been around for many years.  He always wants to talk at me.  Not to me or with me, but at me.  Doesn't shut up.  And prefaces it with, "Nurse, can you come see me, Nurse?  Cause I have something really important to tell you, Nurse.  Okay Nurse?  Nurse?"

Someone who repeatedly uses my name or title gives me the creeps.

I was glad to not work with this guy on my floor.  By the next shift, though, he was on the floor to work a double.  I was concluding my double and leaving.  The desk phone rang and I answered it.  Someone was whispering.  "Speak up!" I hollered back.

"It's me," the male voice said, just a tad higher.

"Who are you?" I shouted back.  I don't have time for these games.

He said his name and "Turn around.  I'm in the hall."  Sure enough, this idiot was sitting ten feet from the desk and calling me from his cell phone.

"What do you want?" I shouted to him from the desk.

"I have to talk to you, Nurse, okay?  Can you just come here, Nurse?"

I went to him.  He immediately started his soliloquy.  "Just to forewarn you, I've had truth serum, so I don't know what's going to come out of my mouth.  Do you know what I mean by 'truth serum?'  Alcohol.  I've been drinking all day, but that's okay, because it's a holiday.  I used to have such a crush on you, Nurse.  All the guys did.  You know why?  You're a goddess.  Look at you.  No makeup and you are just glowing in beauty.  And you are such a fine woman.  I love the way you treat the patients with respect.  But then I got mad at you because I thought you were mad at me.  You talked to some of the other guys who work here, when they are beneath you and not worthy of you.  This anger lasted a while, Nurse.  But then I realized that you weren't talking to them just to make me jealous and want you more.  You, Nurse, were talking to them in spite of their lowly status because that is the kind of person you are- kind, respectful of everyone, even though nobody is as wonderful as you.  Well, this made me want you even more because I realized that you not only have a gorgeous face and body, but you have an intellectual mind.  I don't see that in my women, yet here you are, with these two qualities so rarely seen together."

"I am not your woman, and the only relationship we have is Nurse and Orderly.  Good night to you, sir," I said firmly, and walked away.

He called after me,  "Nurse, wait.  Can you wait?  I have one more thing that I have to tell you, Nurse."

I turned to him and said, "The next nurse is here.  You can discuss your concerns about the patients with him."

"I am only staying tonight for the overtime.  I'm here to sleep.  I have no concerns about the patients.  I am trying to talk to you, Nurse, and you are walking away in the middle of our conversation."

I left.

This guy is so messed up.