Saturday, February 14, 2015

Karma, part one

Dina is the jerk who erupted on me many times for being a "slut" and a "whore" and for going after her (disgusting, undesirable, lazy) boyfriend, whom she is now referring to as her husband.

I was in a chart room on one of the wards when Dina arrived over an hour late to work.  Lateness is the standard at this place, although Dina is usually on time.  Without being asked, Dina started announcing, loudly, that she was late because she had blood work done to check on her fertility because she has not been able to conceive yet.

People announced a bunch of remedies for her, such as acupuncture, eating certain foods, drugs, and praying.

Dina said, "I'm doing yoga to become more flexible so I can get into the position needed to conceive."  She's an idiot.

"What position is that?" I called out from the room I was in.

"Oh my God who is that?" Dina cried out.

I came out of the room.  "Having problems, Dina?" I stated calmly, with a smug.

"Stop spying on me!" she screamed and hurried off.

This was not spying.  Do not even attempt a private conversation in a building with thousands of people.  Someone will hear you.  That was Dina's goal in announcing her infertility issue.

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