Sunday, February 15, 2015

Karma, part two

Dina's problems continue.  (Snicker)

Her complaint with me was that I was after her boyfriend/husband and I'm a slut and a whore.  As if this is true, bad, and any of her business.

Ironically, Dina's reputation is slut, whore, and home wrecker, as she stole her current boyfriend/husband from another woman, who also still works at the hospital.

Dina is short and very slender.  Lately, she is wearing her hair down and is wearing a lot of makeup.  In the past, her hair was tied in a low, unkempt ponytail and the most makeup on her face was lip gloss.

Her clothes have become very form-fitting.  She carries off the look well.  Nothing is low-cut or revealing of the skin, but you can't miss her slender frame with no bulges anywhere.  This is good in a way because I'll know the second she becomes pregnant- she'll start wearing (unnecessary) billowing tops.

Dina's husband is on disability leave from the hospital.  Now unsupervised, I've noticed Dina hanging out with certain male employees.  Rumors abound that she is cheating.  With her announcement that she is desperate to get pregnant (with her husband's baby?), people are joking that Dina will have a tough time figuring out the biological father if she does become pregnant.

After the hell she put me through with her accusations and displays of drama, I am glad that she is reaping what she sowed.

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