Monday, February 9, 2015

Not Me

One of the nurses in the office area came to me, upset.  She had thrown out one of the required certificates for display on the wall, thinking it had expired.  Someone was here, asking to see the certificate.

I told her to deny any knowledge that the certificate was missing.  If someone tries to say that it is her responsibility to make sure it's always on the wall and to notice immediately if it's missing, simply disagree with the person and insist that it's not her responsibility to keep track of the certificates and people who steal them.

She seemed surprised by my response.

I explained to her that our coworkers in this hospital have taught me so many ways to wiggle out of any problem.  The most often used techniques are outright denial of any involvement and denial of any responsibility.  Then shout and threaten to sue for harassment.

So she returned to the inquirer and told him that she was not the one who removed the certificate, so he should stop harassing her about it.  And he left.

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