Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sleeping on the Job

Sleeping on the job is common at this hospital.  It's not from exhaustion from working too hard.  It's just plain old tiredness, or not wanting to waste time off with sleep.

Someone from an imaging department called my office to complain that one of the orderlies had fallen asleep in the waiting area while the patient ran around, babbling to herself, going in and out of rooms, touching people, knocking stuff over, etc.

The orderly is a jerk.  Jess.  One of her stories is here.  I wish I could use such a situation to get her fired.  Won't work.  Instead, this blew up in my face, as usual.

I assured the caller that I would handle it and asked her to gently nudge the orderly to wake her up.

The caller must not have been impressed with my response, so she called the nursing supervisor for our psychiatric area.

Jess and the supervisor don't get along, so the supervisor gladly used this situation to write her up.  I figured this really had nothing to do with me.  WRONG.  The supervisor doesn't like me, either, so she made sure to throw my name into the mix to inflame Jess even more.

The caller had mentioned to the supervisor that I had been notified (as if it has anything to do with me and that I have any power to help the sleeping idiot).  The supervisor told this to the Jess, who appeared in my office to scream at me for not responding in a manner that would have prevented this situation from reaching the attention of the supervisor.

Yes- she expected me to cover her ass.  After she has been nothing but an asshole to me.

I told her that she created this entire problem herself by falling asleep when she was supposed to be watching a patient.

She screamed, "Oh my God!  I am exhausted and so I took a little nap!  Is that a crime?  No.  I need naps because I have a LIFE, unlike you.  There is nothing wrong with taking a nap.  That is what busy ADULTS do."

In her view, this is all my fault and she did nothing wrong.

"Great!" I answered.  "Since there was nothing wrong with taking a nap, just go and explain that to the person who reported you and the supervisor, and they will apologize to you."

She let out an "I can't believe this" gasp, screamed, "You're such a loser," and ran out.

I am so glad that I don't have to spend an entire shift with her.

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