Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Escapist Logic

A friend of mine told me that he thinks that his boss is "up to something," and since I have far more experience with calculating coworkers, he asked my opinion.

His boss send him a text telling him to make sure he left by 4 pm on Friday.  Normally, the boss expects him to be at the office every day until at least 5 pm.  Was his boss up to something, and if so, what was it?  Is he going to be fired?

I said that the boss could be setting him up- he would leave work "early," and then the boss would look for him at 4:20 pm, not find him, and then write him up for leaving early.

He said that the text message is proof that the boss told him he could leave early at 4 pm.

So I had to explain how the boss could get around that.  This is what I've learned in Logic from my current place of employment.

How to Wiggle out of Anything

The boss does not deny typing 4 pm; however, he did not mean 4 pm.  He meant 6 pm.  He typed the wrong number.  The employee should have realized that 4 pm was early and sought clarification instead of taking advantage of an innocent typo.


The boss was extremely busy when the employee called to ask when he should leave the office on Friday.  To appease the employee, the boss quickly typed the text message and messed up one little number.  The employee knew the boss was besieged at the moment and should not have asked a question he knew the answer to.  The employee did not call the boss?  Well, someone called the boss and inquired about quitting time and the boss was so busy that he must have texted the wrong employee.  The employee who received the text should have alerted the boss that he texted the wrong person.


The boss texted 4 pm, realized the error, and sent out a text message with the correct time.  The employee, who seeks to make trouble for the boss, has suspiciously provided only the first text message and not the second as his evidence in defense of his early departure from work.  The boss cannot produce the second, correct text message because the boss is not good with texting and does not know how to retrieve text messages, which the employees knows, and is taking advantage of.

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