Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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One of the first behaviors that struck me at this hospital is that nobody waits to burst in and make demands on someone.

It doesn't matter if I'm on the phone or in an exam room with a patient.  The other person comes right at me, shoving something ON TOP OF whatever I'm doing, and then gets upset that I haven't completed this new task ten seconds ago.

Keep in mind that NOBODY listens to a damn thing that I tell them to do.

And the infamous, "I didn't mean NOW.  When you are finished with what you are doing."

Well, when I am finished, I have already lined up dozens more tasks that came in before you did.  Plus, watching me continue with my task and then erupting with "You're finished!  Now this!" before I'm finished is really quite rude.
For example, if I'm dressing a wound, I'm not DONE when the final piece of tape is applied.  I still have to clean up, wash my hands, and then document.  Stopping the task in the middle to do your bidding sets me up to omit cleaning and documentation, especially since someone else will fly at me while I am performing your task.

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