Monday, March 23, 2015

Plot and Evidence

"I'm only trying to help you," the nursing supervisor said.

I don't believe anyone when they say this to me, not at this hospital.

She had stopped in to my office and told me that another nursing supervisor, who is Pure Evil, was going to a meeting "with the Big Wigs" and telling them that I do no work and should be back on the floor, if I am to continue employment with them at all.

[I don't think that my office position falls under the purview of the nursing supervisor.  Nobody can provide me with a chain of command diagram, though.]

"No rational person would believe that I do nothing.  How do all of these patients get seen by all these doctors if I haven't arranged it all?" I countered.

"Listen, I've seen this kind of thing before," the supervisor continued.  "Keep a notepad with you and every five minutes, write down what you are doing.  It's the only way to prove that you do any work."

"I would spend more time writing what I am doing than I would actually doing anything.  I think that the volume of appointments, billing, and reports that I generate should speak to the volume of work that I do," I tried again.

"I'm retiring in two years, so I don't care what you do," the supervisor responded.  "But that woman is out to get you and when someone above her finally listens, you are out of here."

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