Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Qualifications for the Job

Another office position has opened.  When nobody is in that office, I'm supposed to be covering the vacant position in addition to my current job.  I was really annoyed when the job and salary were posted:  $30,000 more than what I am getting paid.  So I am expected to do both jobs at quite a bargain price.

One of the nurses who sometimes works in the vacant office is an idiot.  (No surprise.)  "Jessie" doesn't know how to send email and keeps calling me to help her.  She has no interest in learning, just in getting someone else to do it for her.  I'm doing my best to avoid her.

Another woman who also has been covering that office (she also lacks email skills) stopped in and asked if I applied for the open position.

I told her no.  (I haven't.  With my luck, I'll get that position in addition to my current position, and without the advertised pay increase.  The hospital won't fill my current position, so I'll be stuck with two different jobs.)

I asked her if she applied for the spot.

She gave me an exasperated look.  "No," she squeaked, "I'm not like you.  I don't go around, stealing other people's jobs.  Everyone KNOWS that the position should go to Jessie.  I'm not taking it from her.  That's something that YOU do to people."

Oh.  So it's not just Nurse Fortune upset and angry that I got my current position.  People who have nothing to do with the advertised positions are also angry with me.

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  1. I now empathise with you a little bit more. I have to "do" other peoples' email for them full time. I'm scared that if these people can't "do" email, why are we letting them "do" medicine?!?!?! I'm sure medicine is more difficult!