Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Stop the Madness

At this point, most orderlies maintain that their only job function is to escort patients from one location to another.  They don't have to get the patients ready, nor do they have to encourage the patients to go to the destination, whether it be recreational or health-related.

One of the nurses called me because a patient in a wheelchair was supposed to see a specialist off hospital grounds and no orderly would take the patient "because she might need help getting up a ramp."

"Isn't that why the orderly goes with the patient- to help the patient?" I responded.

"No," the nurse replied, "Their job does not include pushing wheelchairs.  They could get hurt."

(The patient in the wheelchair is not heavy and propels herself.  Though it is possible that she would encounter a wheelchair-unfriendly situation and require assistance.)

"I see," I responded.  "Well, if the nursing supervisor agrees with the orderlies' position, then I will cancel the appointment.  Just let me know."

The other nurse wanted to tussle.  "Can you come to the ward and explain to the orderlies why it is that you want them to put themselves in harm's way, just so you can get this patient to this unnecessary appointment?"

See how they turn their ridiculous laziness into an attack on me?  I don't decide what the doctor orders.  I merely facilitate the appointment.  Go or don't go.  Makes no difference to me.

"My days of trying to convince people to do their job are over," I answered.  "Just let me know if the patient goes or not."

Before she hung up the phone, I heard her yell, "Enid said she doesn't care if you break your back."

A short time later, a woman appeared in my office with the patient in the wheelchair.  "Hi.  I just wanted to explain something to you.  I know you don't care, but I have to say this for ME.  I have to get this off my chest so that I can go on."

I looked at her, figuring she was an orderly because I saw a name badge near her belt.  I couldn't make out a name.  The print is too tiny.

She continued.  "I am a human being.  You may not think of me as such, but I am.  And because I am a human being, I have feelings just like you do.  So when you come along and want people to hurt themselves and kill themselves just to please you, I am hurt.  Right here."  She pounded her chest.  "Now everyone else is saying it's because you are racist.  I don't disagree with that- maybe you are, maybe you aren't.  I don't know.  All I know is that you have to be stopped.  Okay?  This has got to stop."

The patient sat there in her wheelchair, nodding her head Yes and No, not grasping that she would miss needed medical treatment if this orderly got her way.

The orderly was being so illogical and misdirecting her malcontent.  Somehow I manage to shoo them out of the office as I said, "I have to hurry off to a meeting."  I shut the door and made it around the corner without them following me.  Out of sight, I ducked into a closet and locked the door.

Yes, this must stop.

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