Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Best Part of a Job is not at Work

For most people, myself included, the most important aspect of a job is the freedom it gives you to live your life outside of your job.

The job itself is not too important.  What is important is how many hours you have away from your job, and if you have enough money to do as you wish.

That is how I have to view my current job.  I have an eight hour workday, off on holidays and weekends, and just enough money to cover expenses.  Plus, I have pretty good health insurance.

In the poll I pictured in this post, more than half of the participants voted that the most important factor in their decision to try to become a vice president in the banking industry is "The ability to have a life outside of work."  We may think that investment bankers have dream jobs- full of money and perks.  But this job does not come with a dream life- the free time needed to enjoy this money.  What good is a beautiful mansion if you only use it to sleep in?

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