Monday, March 16, 2015

Too late

I was punching out at quitting time when I saw the Director and some security guards nearby.  The Director said to me, "Oh, you use this time clock?"

"Yes," I replied, not sure where this was going.

"Some people punch in at the start of their shift, and then leave," he explained.

"I see," I replied, hoping that he was going to accuse me of such behavior.  I have never punched in at the start of the shift and then left.

The Director explained, "So to stop this, we're going to de-activate this time clock, so you will have to use another one."

"Oh, okay," I said, and exited the building.

My first thought was that making people use a time clock nearer the wards, and farther from the parking lots, could stop people from punching in and then leaving; though I would be a bit inconvenienced by having to travel to the wards to punch in and out.

After I thought about this for a while, I was annoyed.  The people who punch in and then leave do so in front of everyone present, including supervisors.  When I worked on the ward, I had many an argument with staff who were extremely late.  Their defense was always:  "You can check my punches.  I punched in before the start of the shift."  There are employees who seriously believe that the requirement is to merely punch in on time- NOT be at the assigned work area on time.

Instead of punishing everyone for the actions of a few, the Director should wait by the time clock and issue verbal warnings to employees who punch in and then leave.  The next offense should be a written warning, and so on until they can be terminated.

But nobody in this place has the guts to go up against the punchers and dashers.

The Director can say that he tried to fix the problem, but employees were not in favor of shutting down most of the time clocks.  And he wouldn't have to directly confront any of the offenders.

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