Thursday, March 19, 2015

Who is in Charge?

After a vacancy of two years, a manager has been appointed to my former ward.  This nurse has done such a good job running her ward that they are rewarding her by transferring her to a ward from hell.  She'll be battling Nurse Fortune who is not only a terrible nurse and employee, but who is also jaded because she did not receive the manager position herself.

In typical fashion for this hospital, this situation will be disastrous for many reasons.

First and foremost, the nurse manager will not actually start next week as appointed because she begins maternity leave that week.  She told me that she diligently saved her sick days for the last several years so she can be out for the rest of the year with pay.  (The company lets you do that, I am told.  I haven't personally tried it.)  She also said she will take unpaid leave "the most they will let me."

If she is out on maternity leave or family leave, the company will not replace her.  They will also not appoint a temporary manager.  So Nurse Fortune will still be unofficially running the ward with her non-stop complaining and accusing.

Second, don't forget that another nurse was promoted to nurse manager, but was dropped when Nurse Fortune complained.  The open manager position will go to Nurse Belle who is known for her lack of work, lack of understanding of anything medical, her ability to go missing for hours, and her tight little outfits and high heels that "prevent" her from working.  Her promotion comes without advertising an open position.

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