Friday, March 6, 2015

You can't burn a bridge and then ask for a boat

Not in this place.
Step on someone's toes
and then expect the person to kiss YOUR ass.
Here's the part I don't get.

Most of the people I work with are jerks.  They eye me with suspicion.  They are downright rude and aggressive towards me.  They make up lies to get me in trouble.  Just in case you haven't read enough posts here to form that conclusion.

I would call that Burning your Bridges.

Yet my coworkers don't understand the concept.  They still come to me for assistance, as if nothing ever happened, and then are insulted when I won't help them.

I was delivering paperwork to a ward when an idiot of a nurse appeared, telling me to help her with "the medicine machine."  At this hospital, we are not computerized.  (I have no idea how they got out of the mandate to be electronic.)  However, there is computerized storage of the most common medications so that nurses can quickly (hah!) retrieve the medications for stats or new orders, as the pharmacy is located over two hours away (in good weather and no traffic).

Whenever I worked with this idiot nurse, she would criticize me non-stop.  "You can't put the garbage can there."  "You can't stand there."  "You are supposed to be filing."  "You are supposed to fax the order first, then give the pill."  Non-stop irrelevant non-sense.  Then she would get angry that I was ignoring her and her irrelevant orders.  She is not only stupid, but arrogant.

The other nurses on the ward also can't use a computer.  So this idiot came up to me and said, "I need this pill from the medicine machine."  The Medicine Machine.  Who the hell calls it that?

"So go get it," I said, and walked away.

She followed me.  "You know how to do it.  I don't know.  You know that.  I ask you for help and you are so rude."

She thought I was rude earlier?  She pushed, so I told her, "It's not 1992.  'I'm don't know the  computer' is not an acceptable excuse.  You have no business being employed anywhere when you lack computer competency."

She answered, "It is to help the patient."

"You can help all the patients by learning how to use a computer," I said, and left.

I was minding my own business and she came up to me, demanding my services in an area in which she is purposely lacking knowledge.  She and the rest of the staff have no problem screwing me over one minute, and then telling me to do their job the next minute.  This I don't get.  If I screw someone over, the bridge is burned.  You can't cross it later.  You most certainly can't ask the person you screwed over to do you a favor.  Yet they do.  They don't apologize or act shy about demanding work from me, as if my job is to take their verbal abuse and attempts to get me fired, and then do whatever tasks they tell me to.

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