Saturday, April 25, 2015

How Hard Work Pays Off

I need to remind myself that I am not the only one who is screwed over at this place.

Some more nurse unit managers were switched around.  The nurse in charge of the Ward from Hell was switched with the nurse in charge of the most organized ward.  The gross unfairness and favoritism is apparent to all, yet this pattern of behavior continues.

Predictably, the ward from hell slid into more chaos as the staff proves to the new nurse manager that they are in charge, not her.  She showed me the piles and piles of unfiled records, outdated lists, broken equipment, and storage rooms that look like a tornado ripped through.  She also showed me memos from the Director of Nursing specifying the deficiencies and reminding her that she has exceeded the timeframe in which the corrections should have been made.

The organized unit is on a downward spiral into total chaos because "I'm new here," the nurse manager explains, even though she's worked for the hospital over ten years.  The piles have formed, just like on her prior ward.  And her buddies in administration keep trying to invent reasons why I'm supposed to be helping her.

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