Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nursing Contempt

The hospital fired someone, finally.  Unfortunately, she was my friend and a good nurse, and didn't deserve this.  And yes, they can do the same to me.

Saturday:  Charge Nurse made the assignment for the nurses under her, which soon-to-be-fired nurse did.  At the end of the shift, buddy supervisor was called and shown a different assignment sheet, where soon-to-be-fired nurse did not do her assigned tasks.  Write-up #1.

Sunday:  Soon-to-be-fired nurse escorted patients to scheduled activity on the grounds as directed by Charge Nurse.  As soon as soon-to-be-fired nurse left the ward, Charge Nurse told the supervisor and security that soon-to-be-fired nurse kidnapped the patients.  Security located her in the activity and escorted her out of the building and told her never to return.

I did not know any of this when I came to work on Monday.  Several people approached me with wild tales of fired nurse attacking people, screaming, being tackled to the ground and handcuffed, arrested.  "You saw this happen?" I asked of each storyteller.  "No," was always their answer.

After work I went to fired nurse's home, as she was not answering her phone.  She explained the set-up, carefully timed for the weekend to limit the number of actual witnesses.  She added, "They told me that if I try to fight the firing, they will report me to the Board of Nursing and present more witnesses and proof so that I will lose my license."

There is nothing stopping them from getting rid of me in the same manner.

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