Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bossy Boss

I got an overtime shift!  I'm happy for the money, but I earned it, dealing with one reticent orderly.

Overtime is on the floor- not in a cushy office.  Worse, I was charge nurse because everyone else was per diem.

The floor was short on orderlies as usual.  But let me clarify:  an orderly who does nothing but yell at other staff does not ease the shortness.  One nasty orderly came in late and then sat in the break room, talking on her phone.  I told her to join the floor and get the patients moving.

She retorted, "I don't know if I'm working here.  It makes no sense for me to start working and then have to stop."  She's such an A-hole.

Well, her work never started.  Over an hour into the shift, her loud laughing really got to me.  I told her that she needed to come onto the floor and start working.  She mouthed off to me for about ten minutes as I wrote the assignments and started the shift reports.  You see, I have no recourse.  The supervisor will side with her, not me, because I was "harassing" her by repeatedly telling her to do work when she was "going to," I was just impatient.  Others will say that I was only in charge for a day, to not worry about it.  Yet the other orderlies complained to me that they had to handle the slacker's workload and that it was my duty, as charge nurse, to insist that this nasty orderly do work or write her up; and I "let people walk all over" me.

I can't win.

At one point, in front of patients and staff, she loudly sneered, "I guess you just like being bossy."

So contemptuous.  She should have been fired long ago.

I looked at her and remarked, "No, actually, I don't like telling grown adults at work to do work."

She responded, "Well, you sure tell me what to do an awful lot for someone who doesn't like being bossy."  She didn't get it.  She makes no connection between her behavior and the behavior of others towards her.

She did NOTHING all shift.  Nothing.  She complained non-stop and disappeared from the ward for long periods of time.

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