Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday

I've noticed.
     I was invited to a party.

     I'm not going.  Not my kind of crowd.

     The party is Linette's 50th birthday party AND book party.  Linette is the unstable orderly who never shuts up (or does any work, but that's a given).  I've been waiting for a copy of the book because I think it will be enlightening to see the whirlwind of her mind printed on a page.

     Apparently the book has been (self) published and distributed.  I didn't get a copy.

     I was leaving through the lobby.  Linette was wandering around the lobby, shifting her weight from one leg to the other, bobbing her head side to side, as if her bones could no longer support all of her weight.  She has lost a lot of weight, so her current movement style is a carry-over from past days when she could not move fluidly.

     The security guard voiced concern that Linette's left foot was angled out of the clog and spilling over so that her ankle almost grazed the floor.

     Linette responded, "It's been like that since 1998.  I explained that in MY BOOK.  Didn't you read it?"  She stood there, looking quite annoyed with the security guard.

     I left.  I have to get a hold of that book.

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