Sunday, May 3, 2015

No Computer for You

Finally it happened.  My supervisor in the office is showing her true colors.  When I was on my break, she called the "computer lady" to change the passcodes to the computer and voicemail.

When I returned, the supervisor was not around.  I tried logging in and checking voicemail unsuccessfully.  I knew what had happened.  Did I bring this on by waiting for it?  I attracted this to myself?

I knew the supervisor was up to something because her behavior changed.  She used to arrive late, take her time folding her jacket, getting coffee, chatting.  For the past two weeks, she has arrived before me and cleared out the fax machine, voicemail, in-house mailbox, and general office email.

There is not much on the computer- just Excel spreadsheets of appointments that I created to organize the paper deluge.  But I need those schedules for distribution and for weekly and monthly reports to the higher-ups.  I didn't have two versions of every document because that would create more work and confusion.  The Supervisor will sometimes make changes on a schedule or report, but not mention it to me.

At the end of the day, the supervisor informed me that she changed the passcodes because "You don't need them.  You have your own email."  That has nothing to do with the computer lock or the voicemail.  She has no clue about computers.

I wanted to establish if I did something egregious, or if she compromised my work out of spite.  She told me I had done nothing wrong to oust myself from accessing the office computer or voicemail.  So my conclusion is that she did this to prevent me from doing my job.

Day 2 of the lockout coincided with the end of the week and month.  She was concerned that people were requesting the weekly and monthly reports, as well as upcoming schedules.  I showed her a piece of paper where I had written Updates that she would need to make to those documents.  She wasn't following.

"You have email.  You can send the documents," was her reply.

"I can't access the documents because you changed the passcodes," I tried to explain.

Her face contorted as she tried to reconcile her desire to prevent me from accessing the documents with her desire for me to complete the documents and send them out.  "I'll call the computer lady," she decided.

The Computer Lady showed me how to access the intranet of the hospital, which was up and running that day.  She showed me where to look for uploaded documents.  The problem is that patient information is banned from being uploaded to the intranet because anyone in the hospital has access.  Only general announcements and news are found on the intranet.  Supervisor could have uploaded the documents anyway, but she didn't because she doesn't know how.

Supervisor continued to pester me about not sending out the reports.  I told her I have no access.  She firmly stated a rehearsed line designed to set me up:  "At this point, you have been instructed by the computer specialist on how to retrieve these documents, yet you are still unable to carry out this essential function of your job."

"I can't retrieve documents that you never uploaded," I replied.

"I did do that," she scrambled.  "I mean, I told the computer lady to do that, whatever it is that you are talking about.  It's done.  You are the one refusing to do your assigned tasks."

"Can you email the documents to me?" I tried.

"Me?  You have your own email.  You can email the documents.  I'm not stopping you from using your email."

I called the Computer Lady.  "All I know," she explained to me on the phone, "Is that your supervisor called me and told me to lock you out of everything except your own email.  I'm not getting into the middle of this.  If she wants you to have a particular file and she doesn't know how to send it to you, she can call me herself, which she isn't doing."

This is absolutely ridiculous that this is my job.  The job itself doesn't even require a nurse.  And I have to navigate a passive-aggressive supervisor who thinks I do Black Magic on the computer, so she has to put an end to it.  It's the year 2015 and I am at the mercy of a supervisor who is afraid of me and my abilities on a computer.

If this supervisor takes this to nursing management, I'm still screwed.  They have no idea about computers.  All this supervisor has to say is that I have email that I can access, so I have no excuse for not emailing schedules and reports.  If I try to explain, all they will hear is that I think I'm better than them because I know how to use a computer.

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