Sunday, May 24, 2015


Another overtime shift!

I cringed when I received the assignment- the same ward where I had worked overtime a few weeks ago.  One of the orderlies on that ward is so nasty to me.

On that day, while hanging out in the back of the nurse's station, playing on her phone, this nasty person screamed at me, "You are the only nurse who has to tell me to do work."  She named a bunch of other nurses and added, "They don't have to tell me what to do.  I just DO IT."

"So your behavior today is something you do to me only?" I asked.

She stumbled with the concept for a moment and then blurted out, "YES."

So I took my time getting to the ward, hoping that the nasty orderly was off.

Well, she was there.  But she was taking blood pressures.  She was on the floor working, not in the back, on her phone, screaming at me.

Another nurse was in charge that day.  I told her that I was nervous returning to this ward because of the nasty orderly's behavior.  The other nurse was surprised.  "She always does work when I'm here."  But she understood.  She told me, "I have overheard so many people, not just orderlies, but other nurses as well as supervisors, stand around and criticize you.  Not your work.  They say that they can't stand your voice and that you think you are better than they are."

I shared something I heard about her.  "I stopped going to nursing meetings because at the last one I attended, discussion turned to who you were sleeping with."  The other nurse's mouth gaped open.  "I think that such gossip had no place in a formal meeting and am thoroughly disgusted with our so-called nursing leaders."

The other nurse told me to disregard such unprofessional people and remember that I am at work to serve the patients and get paid.


  1. I think there are inevitable moments of women working together when you are bound to encounter pure Bull$@%!

  2. Well that's not surprising. I think it commonly happens in any kind of workplace. Some people are rude about their co-workers but for many different reasons. In your line of work, the pressure and stress are really at the highest level so some nurses or doctors can get grumpy or rude. Good thing you are strong enough to handle this kind of challenge.

  3. Thank you! I try not to dwell on the negative, but it is a negative environment. Plus, I want others to learn from my experiences. The beginning of my career had me convinced that I was at fault for the unprofessionalism and misconduct of others.