Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FaceBook Drama

Some of the employees are on FaceBook.  I follow them with an anonymous account.  I think that if they can figure out how to be on FaceBook, they should be able to figure out how to use a computer.  Wishful thinking.

What they choose to post and share with the world is hilarious.

One employee posted to Serena's Williams' post about winning her 20th Tennis Grand Slam:  "Now that you're done with this silly tennis business, you can get on with doing your most important work, getting married and having children.  We have all patiently waited, but enough is enough.  It's time."

Another employee posts a picture of herself, then reposts the picture, then reposts the repost of the picture.  With every picture.

Others post pictures of their namesakes.  Some have more than one namesake.  "This is Jamal Jr and my Baby Mama Shaquana.  And this is Jamal Jr with my Baby Mama LaToine."

I block any of their profiles that pop up in my real profile.  Most of them are friends with one another.  The one who wants Serena to stop popping tennis balls in favor of popping out babies came to me, quite upset.  She explained that she had to delete the employee who posts and reposts her own pictures.  "She kept putting pictures of herself on MY wall.  I told her to stop, but she kept doing it.  So I had to delete her.  In case she comes to you, hating on me, that is why I did that."

I guess the staff can figure out some stuff with FaceBook, but still remain suspicious and clueless about it.

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